Friday, October 1, 2010

Chopsticks NY: An Exhibition of the Finalists

Posing with my art

The reception at NYCoo Gallery last night was amazing!  Everyone who came out is my hero, and was so happy to meet the other finalists, all awesome arteeests.   Congrats to Cryssy, the new Chopsticks Cover Artist, Audrey, People's Choice winner, and Shawn, fellow runner-up.
  Yoswadi, I meant it when I said I would have voted for your entry if I wasn't furiously voting for my own(haha) you're that great.
Cryssy Cheung, winner of the Cover Artist Contest
Yoswadi Krutklom, her work is definitely worth a peek

The show is up until October 4th, so there's still time to check it out.  Go to for info.  It's a great gallery, they're hosting some kind of open art contest as we speak.  Everyone was really sweet, and sake in plastic cups/eel on paper plates can't be beat.

The finalists squat for a group photo op

More pics later- I still have to update my website with the two new prints I did specifically for this show: I think I'm starting to get into the groove of this printmaking thing finally.

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